The Weasy Family

Foster father of two darling little twin ducklings, Weasy has decided to raise them as good weasels - loving burglaries, crazy games, wild challenges and the Art of taking it easy in life. But don’t be fooled – all this doesn’t just happen at random! There are principles and a moral code to be respected!


After a highly unlikely turn of events, Weasy, an opportunistic weasel with a nose for burglary, finds himself sitting on a huge egg during its final moments before hatching.

Two little twin ducklings come out peeping – and, naturally, they latch onto Weasy as their Pop.

Weasy, an immature burglar with teenager tastes, finds himself catapulted into the role of father – a role that he had not anticipated and for which he is absolutely not prepared.

Just out of the egg, the two ducklings are overflowing with the energy and enthusiasm of childhood – and they are too cute for words.   If one of the sisters seems a bit more focused than the other who is rather clumsy, both are very creative and observant and are bursting with a hundred ideas a second.

The girls give new meaning to Weasy’s life.  What interests him now, more than the accumulation of food and goods stolen from the humans, is the well-being of his offspring.

As a good papa weasel, Weasy is always ready to bend over backwards to please his daughters – as long as they respect the weasel code of conduct and don’t forget, for instance, to wipe their feet on the welcome mat before they burglarize the neighboring farm.

What the girls appreciate most in their daily life is that there are always unexpected surprises.  With their Pop, every experience tends to spin wildly out of control!

Are the twins gifted with a sixth sense? In any case, they have amazingly good luck whereas bad karma seems to follow their old man around.

Fortunately, Weasy’s squash and stretch nature allows him to bounce back with uncommon resilience from the punches, setbacks and other rotten luck karma hits him with in high-intensity action sequences that further strengthen, if that’s even possible, the Weasy family bonds!


In development

Production year : 2022

Release date : 2024

Format : 78 x 7

A series created by
Antoine Rodelet and Josselin Charier

Character design
Bertrand Gatignol

Art Direction
Alexandre de Broca

Célestine Plays and Victor Moulin

Genre : slapstick


Audience : all audiences

Executive production
Hari Productions

Hari Studios

Hari International

Main broadcasters
France télévisions, Super RTL

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