The Owl

Is he looking for trouble or is trouble looking for him? Please, be nice and don't laugh, it's cruel!


In a forrest filled with cheeky woodpeckers, show-off frogs and sadistic fireflies – keeping it together will be hard for this little pink owl.

Is he looking for trouble or is trouble looking for him? Either way, this little owl has no luck. The most innocuous situations always take an unexpected turn for the worst…

The laws of physics (and trickery) are against him, he’s always ending up in pieces, flat as a hotcake or burnt to a crisp.

There is a logic if no justice – a slippery slope down a path of surprises, hilarious gags and absurdly ironic situations.

But please, pretty please – be nice and don’t laugh, it’s cruel !


Année de production : 2007

Format : 52 x 1'05"

Une série créée par 
Alexandre So

Création graphique des personnages
Alexandre So

Création graphique des décors
Xavier Oudot

Alexandre So

Genre : Humor


Public : General

Production déléguée
Studio Hari

Production exécutive
Studio Hari

France Télévisions

France Télévisions Distribution

Principaux diffuseurs
France 3 , Canal J (France), BBC (Royaume Uni), Jetix (Etats-Unis, Amérique latine, Japon, Inde, Scandinavie), SVT (Suède), DRTV (Danemark), SRC, YTV (Canada), ABC (Australie), RTBF (Belgique), M-Net (Afrique du Sud)… La chouette est diffusée au total dans plus 200 pays !

CNC, Angoa, Procirep



The Owl’s « Chintzy Christmas » aired in prime time on France 3

This is the best Christmas gift that Studio Hari could dream of: the first TV special of The Owl is aired tonight in prime time.

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Le coup du lapin

La tradition remonte à la nuit des temps, tous les festivaliers l’attendent : le coup du lapin dans la bande-annonce du Festival.

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