The Owl & Co

When you have the Owl's grumpy, quick-tempered nature, and you can't bear noise or others in general, there is nothing worse than having to put up with neighbors. And his are particularly heavy.


The Owl, a ridiculous pink-colored character who floats above his feet, must be the unluckiest guy in the world. Whereas his sole desire is to sit peacefully on his branch with no other prospect than staying in this immobile position, he lives in an environment that is wearisome to say the least.

For the forest he inhabits is populated with neurotic animals, all of whom are ongoing sources of trouble and annoyance. For example: a domineering frog who wants to control everything, a kind but clinging sheep, a tinkering stick bug who wishes to put his kooky genius at the service of the community, and an idealistic and exuberant bat.

But when you have the Owl’s grumpy, quick-tempered nature, and you can’t bear noise, disorder or others in general, there is nothing worse than living in such surroundings.

Does the Owl attract trouble? Does he look for it? In any case, he has a gift for making the wrong choices and his quest for peace only gets him into jams.

And since on top of having an insufferable

personality, he likes to show off and teach others a thing or two, he is capable of getting himself in the most inextricable situations merely to save face.

Caught up in the action of the moment, the Owl does not seem aware that his end is near. Out of pride, he charges headlong into disaster with persistent stubbornness that borders – literally – on self sacrifice and commands respect.

A cross between the Pink Panther (for his propensity for finding himself in surrealistic and absurd situations), the Coyote in The Road Runner Show (for his unrelenting and systematic rotten luck), and Mr. Potato Head (for his capacity to come apart), the Owl inevitably ends up in pieces, blown up, crushed, struck down, grated or even glazed.

But curiously enough, in the forest’s ecosystem, the Owl’s ill-natured character and unwitting sense of sacrifice are beneficial to the proper order of things. While trying to harm others, he often renders them services in a roundabout way.

Could there be a meaning behind all this?


On air

Production year : 2013 (season 1) - 2016 (season 2)

Format : 156 x 7'

A series created by
Alexandre So, Antoine Rodelet & Josselin Charier

Character design
Alexandre So

Art Direction
Edouard Cellura

Victor Moulin

Genre : Humour


Audience : General

Executive production
Studio Hari

Studio Hari

France Télévisions Distribution

Main broadcasters
France Télévisions (France), SVT (Suède), DR (Danemark), Super RTL (Allemagne), Télé Québec (Canada), MNC TV (Indonésie), MBC (Moyen-Orient), Noga (Israël), Boomeerang (EMEA), Disney (Asie), TV5 Monde

Pulcinella Award 2015 - Best Kids Tv series - Cartoons on the bay, Venise.

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