Out of contr’Owl!

The mobile game where the Owl can finally get rid of everyone who drives him crazy!


The Owl is sick and tired of company!

All these noisy, restless neighbors who live around his tree really are starting to get on his nerves: whether it be the Chicken playing “Chunk” on his electric guitar, the Frog letting off steam with his barbells, or the Bat going wild on her bandoneon: it’s impossible to get a moment’s peace.

And for the Owl, it’s impossible not to lose it! Armed with apple explosives, the Owl sets off on a crusade in the forest, shooting red cannonballs at any irksome creature who dares disturb his tranquility.

But beware! With his legendary clumsiness and rotten luck that he can’t seem to shake, the Owl would be better off thinking before rushing to settle scores: one wrong move, and he’s the one who blows to smithereens!

“OUT OF CONTR’OWL” is a puzzle-skill game where the situations are as fun as they are zany. By taking full advantage of the accessories and rebounds, the apple bombs reach even the best-hidden targets!


Production year : 2014

Release date : September 2014

Character design
Alexandre So

Art Direction
Edouard Cellura

Concept and Game design
Studio Hari

Happy Blue Fish

iOS / Android App

Genre : Puzzle game

Audience : Kids and Family

France Télévisions / Boomerang


The Owl & Co (season 2) on air on France 3!
The Owl is back! And he’s more motivated than ever…
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The complete Season 1 of “The Owl & co” available on DVD (French version)!

The complete Season 1 of "The Owl & co" available on DVD (French version)!

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