Mystery Lane

Strange things are going on in London. Clever – a young guinea pig with extraordinary analysis capacities – and her little brother Bro lead investigations. Will they be able to resolve the most unusual cases, ones that baffle even Scotland Yard?


Strange things are going on in London.

A star racing greyhound has vanished into thin air from its ultra-secure 100-square-foot pen, without the gate having been forced.

Two pigeons clearly saw a salamander generate a gigantic flash of lightening which plunged the entire Piccadilly district into a blackout.

A guinea pig was kidnapped from an apartment on the 70th floor by a flying creature. Witnesses described a dragon. In the eyes of the animals, such mysteries are unfathomable.

In all of London, there is only one animal capable of confronting enigmas of this scale: a hamster named Clever, a detective by trade – who consults in the basement room of the Lexington district pet shop.

Clever’s reputation is firmly established: she is endowed with a prodigious sense of observation and capacity for logical deduction that leave ordinary London animals tongue-tied.

Clever might claim to be the most intelligent hamster in the world, there are times when things do not quite go according to plan. And in these moments, you need to act without thinking too much.

But for this, she knows she can count on her hotheaded little brother Bro, who is always ready to attack adversaries far bigger than himself and take huge risks.

The dangers to overcome are equal to the extraordinary cases – which border on the supernatural – that Clever and Bro must confront. Will they triumph and resolve these enigmas which continue to baffle Scotland Yard?


In production

Production year : 2019

Format : 26 x 22'

A series created by
Antoine Rodelet and Josselin Charier

Character design
Bertrand Gatignol

Art Direction
Alexandre de Broca

Victor Moulin and Cédric Lachenaud

Genre : Adventure / comedy


Audience : All audiences

Executive production
Hari Productions

Hari Studios

Hari international