Mystery Lane

Strange things are going on in London. Clever – a young guinea pig with extraordinary analysis capacities – and her little brother Bro lead investigations. Will they be able to resolve the most unusual cases, ones that baffle even Scotland Yard?


Strange things are going on in London.

A star racing greyhound has vanished into thin air from its ultra-secure 100-square-foot pen, without the gate having been forced.

Two pigeons clearly saw a salamander generate a gigantic flash of lightening which plunged the entire Piccadilly district into a blackout.

A hamster was kidnapped from an apartment on the 70th floor by a flying creature. Witnesses described a dragon.In the eyes of the animals, such mysteries are unfathomable.

In all of London, there is only one animal capable of confronting enigmas of this scale: a guinea-pig named Clever, a detective by trade – who consults in the basement room of the Lexington district pet shop.

Clever’s reputation is firmly established: she is endowed with a prodigious sense of observation and capacity for logical deduction that leave ordinary London animals tongue-tied.

Nonetheless, Clever is as clumsy when it comes to everyday practical matters as she is adroit with logical reasoning. Fortunately, she can count on her little brother Bro – who has his flaws, like all little brothers – but who is gifted with great agility that is frankly quite useful in her investigations.

The dangers to overcome are equal to the extraordinary cases – which border on the supernatural – that Clever and Bro must confront. Will they triumph and resolve these enigmas which continue to baffle Scotland Yard?


In development

Production year : 2019

Format : 26 x 22'

A series created by
Antoine Rodelet and Josselin Charier

Character design
Bertrand Gatignol

Art Direction
Alexandre de Broca

Victor Moulin and Cédric Lachenaud

Genre : Adventure / comedy


Audience : All audiences

Executive production
Hari Productions

Hari Studios

Hari international