Founded in 2006 by Josselin Charier and Antoine Rodelet, STUDIO HARI is an independent audiovisual production company based in Paris and Angoulême.

Studio Hari is specialized in the production of CGI animated TV series for the international market.

Studio Hari is both a production company and an animation studio. The control of the CGI production process is seen as an integral part of the production – and the production expertise is totally connected to the specific CGI know how of the studio.

The philosophy of Studio Hari is simple: in an industry where artistic preferences, technical options and economic choices are interdependent, taking charge of the full production process is the guarantee of a result in line with the original artistic intentions within a controled budget and production pipe line.

As a production company, Studio Hari produces TV animated series for family audiences. Studio Hari develops an original editorial line, which takes into account several levels of understanding and humor – that fits both children and their parents.

As an animation studio, Studio Hari keeps developing tools in order to optimize its production pipe line and to give its productions a high end quality of animation and rendering within the limitations of a TV series budget.

The Studio Hari’s productions all got amazing ratings in France: The Owl, Leon and The Owl & Co were in the TOP 5 of most viewed animated programs on France Télévisions. And The Gees were viewed on Gulli by 40% of the french children!

These shows are great international successes too: The Owl, LeonThe Gees and The Owl & Co are aired almost everywhere in the world (almost 200 territories), and in particular on CBBC and BBC2 in United Kingdom, Super RTL in Germany, ABC in Australia, YTV in Canada, Disney Channel and Discovery Kids in Latin America, Cartoon Network in Asia, Boomerang in the EMEA territories.

Studio Hari is now consolidating its position in the animation market with a strong slate of original creations in production or in development – all of them carrying the editorial DNA that made the success of the first Studio Hari productions.



Meet Hari’s team

For each of its productions, STUDIO HARI unites the talents of numerous 3D CGI artists to create TV programs with cinematographic qualities.

If you are an author, filmmaker, CGI artist specialized in modeling, rendering or special effects, set designer, story boarder or animator, and you wish to be part of our upcoming productions, do not hesitate to contact us at and send us a link to your demo reel.