Is the lion really the king of the animals? Leon, in any case, does not strike terror in the savanna. Through an increasing number of failures, he's more like the king of staying power in a universe where in fact the absurd takes the lion's share!


As the old jungle wise monkey saying goes, “one animals friend is another animals feast”.

There is only one exception – the lion, he is the king of the hill, the food-chain hill of course. All animals – from antelope to hippopotamus – are nothing more than a ‘blue plate special’ for him. To all these animals, the lion is seen as the “Terror of the Savannah”.

Like all lions, LEON strives to live up to the title, but alas, he always proves that he is the one exception to the exception – earning the title, the “Error of the Savannah!”.

LEON has a real instinct for the hunt, attacking everything that moves! He is unstoppable, a strategizer – yet fumbles every approach and frontal attack. King of the hill? Maybe not. Meet LEON, the king of endurance and the extreme shock, stretch, splat, flat, flip, zam, zoom, bang, boom.

LEON reveals what the documentarians on the animal kingdom kindly don’t share: a far-fetched world where the preys are smarter than the predator, a savannah where the fantasy and the absurd take on … the lion’s share!