The Gees

The first TV series ever where the extraterrestrials are not invaders. But it's worst.


All over the world, big banners enthusiastically welcome the first extraterrestrials to ever visit Earth: THE GEES. And it’s true, humans do have something to be excited about, for these creatures are not frightening invaders, rather perfectly peaceful beings who have come to Earth as observers.

More than simple ambassadors from their planet, the Gees are a new generation of tourists. They are extremely curious about everything they see on Earth and very eager to discover Earthling civilization – of which they understand absolutely nothing!

No matter, everywhere they go they show a tireless will to participate in human activities, whether this be sports, shopping, work or relaxation.

The Gees’ boundless enthusiasm is equaled only by their innate clumsiness and a paranormal instinct that always leads them to do the wrong thing at the wrong time.

This being the case, the Gees obviously have a tendency to make any situation whatsoever veer towards disaster. And humans – who are supposed to remain smiling and patient with these VIP “guests” during their stay on Earth – will, despite themselves, become guinea pigs in their experiments.

Those who meet them are so traumatized that they will wonder whether hostile invaders from a Z movie wouldn’t have been preferable to these “pacific” Gees!


Année de production : 2010

Format : 52 x 3'

Une série créée par 
Antoine Rodelet & Josselin Charier

Création graphique des personnages
Bertrand Gatignol

Création graphique des décors
Alexandre de Broca

Antoine Rodelet & Josselin Charier

Genre : Humour


Public : General

Production déléguée
Studio Hari

Production exécutive
Studio Hari

Gulli, Nexus Factory

PGS entertainment

Principaux diffuseurs
Gulli (France), ABC (Australie), SVT (Suède), DR (Danemark), Muz TV (Russie), Cartoon Network (Asie), Discovery Kids (Amérique Latine), SIC (Portugal) CSC (Royaume Uni), Orlando (Yougoslavie), RTM (Indonésie et Vietnam), ATV (Turquie), Radio Canada (Canada), Eurofine (Malaisie), Rustavi (Géorgie)

CNC, Angoa, Procirep, Wallimage

Other productions