One of the top players in animation

Founded in 2006 by Josselin Charier and Antoine Rodelet, HARI is one of the top players in animation that creates, produces and distributes original creations dedicated to kids and family across TV and digital media platforms.

Specialized in bringing feature-quality CGI animation to the small screen, HARI develops a unique editorial line, focused on comedy and slapstick for family audiences.


International successes aired all over the world

The series produced by Hari are international successes aired all over the world – across 200 territories, from the USA  to China on channels such as France Televisions, BBC, Disney, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Nickelodeon, DR, ABC, ZDF, SVT, TV4, on SVOD platforms such as Netflix, Youku, Mango TV, and AVOD platforms including YouTube and Facebook. The international hit Grizzy & the Lemmings was the most aired French animated show worldwide in 2021, and it entered the ‘’Netflix TOP 10 TV shows’’ in more than sixty territories!


Many international awards

Internationally recognized for its very unique editorial line, its creativity and its expertise in the slapstick non verbal genre, Hari won many international awards, including a Kidscreen Award (USA), a Pulcinella Award (Italy), an Emil Award (Germany) – and the French TV Export Award,  which recognizes Hari as the French production company that signed the most TV sales in 2019. Its latest production Grizzy & the Lemmings Season 2 is nominated in 2020 for an International Emmy Kids Award®.

Focused on quality rather than volume, Hari develops premium IPs with a strong brand potential and consolidates its position as a key player of the kids entertainment industry by developing a slate of CGI TV series as well as a slate of movies.


HARI regroups four subsidiaries and employs 150 people:

> HARI STUDIOS, in charge of the development, financing and production of original IPs in its studios based in Paris and Angoulême,

> HARI TECHNOLOGY, dedicated to R&D, production pipeline development and GCI technical direction,

> HARI INTERNATIONAL, in charge of sales and exploitation rights of HARI creations on international markets,

> HARI PUBLISHING, managing the music publishing rights of the HARI IP’s.


The studios

When you produce 3D cartoons, you quickly realize that your artistic, technical and financial choices are entirely interdependent. And so, why bother delegating? If you do everything yourself, you keep full control over production and can meet your own high standards!

This has been our philosophy from the start – and this is why Hari produces its series from A to Z at two studios located in France, in Paris and Angoulême.

Making 3D series requires the participation of numerous talents in diverse fields: writing, design, storyboarding, visual development, modeling, rigs, layout, animation, rendering, special effects, compositing, dubbing, music and editing.


To produce 26 thirty-minute episodes (or 78 seven-minute episodes), approximately one hundred artists and computer graphic designers will work for about 2 years – a little over one year for each department.

We are constantly seeking to improve our organization and work methods, and always place creativity at the heart of the production process. An experienced team of technical directors and R&D engineers work daily to enable the studio’s artists and computer graphic designers to solely focus on their respective arts.

Between Angoulême and Paris, Hari Studios has over 2,000 m2 of workspace and employs some 150 artists. The two sites are not divided according to specializations. Storyboarding, layout and animation can be done in either Paris or Angoulême, and posts are regularly available on both sites. If you would like to join one of our teams, feel free to consult our recruitment page.


The team

Josselin Charier

Co-founder, executive producer

Antoine Rodelet

Co-founder, executive producer

Arthur Bernard

General Manager


Sophie "Kido" Prigent

Head of sales


Corentin Besse

Brand Manager

Dorothée Brondes

Head of production

Victor Moulin


Cédric Lachenaud


Célestine Plays


Idriss Benseghir


Corentin Lecourt


Thibaut Massart

Animation Supervisor

Elodie Fraysse

Compositing supervisor

Paul-Emile Buteau

R&D supervisor

Jean-Philippe Martin

IT manager

Nicolas Roubinet

Support manager

Émilie Roger

Executive Assistant


Raphaël Assous

Postproduction Supervisor


International Emmy Award - Nomination 2019

Grizzy & les Lemmings Season 2

Prix Export 2019

Grizzy & the lemmings Season 1

Kidscreen Award 2018
Meilleure série animée - Programmes pour enfants

Grizzy & the Lemmings Season 1

Lauriers de la Télévision 2018
Meilleur programme jeunesse - Animation

Grizzy & the Lemmings Season 1

Pulcinella Award 2018
Meilleure série TV pour enfants

Pipas & Douglas

EMIL award 2018
Meilleur programme jeunesse

Grizzy & the lemmings Season 1

Pulcinella Award 2015
Meilleure série TV pour enfants

The Owl & Co Season 2

Prix du producteur français 2014
Hari Productions


Institutional partners

Hari and Corporate Social Responsibility

Hari has chosen to engage in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

What exactly does this mean? Firstly, it means measuring Hari’s impact, as a business, on society according to social, environmental and economic criteria. Secondly, doing our utmost to regulate this impact through responsible and sustainable management in order to make a positive impact on society.

A concrete example? The production of 3D cartoons series involves “calculating” the rendering of the final images on computer networks in server rooms. For one single series, numerous machines (called a Render Farm) are devoted to this calculation. And each one of these machines generates heat.

The classical approach consists of cooling server rooms with air conditioning, which has a non-negligible environmental impact.

At our Angoulême site, we decided to invest in a free cooling system that uses the difference in temperature of the air coming out of the computers and the outside air to cool the water system of our server room.

This approach is emblematic of our sensitivity to environmental issues. We try to be innovative and responsible in all other fields as well, from corporate governance to our manner of producing spin-off items for our boutique.

We are of course far from perfect, but are constantly striving to make ourselves better.